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Pop-Pop Kitties

Introduction to Pop-Pop Kitties

Prepare to be whisked away on a delightful journey filled with adorable felines and colorful bubbles in Pop-Pop Kitties! Developed by Meow Games, this charming puzzle game combines the addictive gameplay of bubble shooters with the irresistible charm of cuddly kittens. Join us as we explore the world of Pop-Pop Kitties and uncover the secrets to mastering its whimsical challenges.

Gameplay Overview:

In Pop-Pop Kitties, players are tasked with helping a group of lovable kittens clear bubbles from the screen by matching them with bubbles of the same color. Using a bubble shooter mechanism, players launch bubbles into the play area, aiming to create clusters of three or more matching bubbles to make them pop and clear the board.

With each successful match, players earn points and advance to the next level, where new challenges and obstacles await. From tricky bubble arrangements to limited moves and special power-ups, there's always something new to keep players on their toes and entertained.


  1. Adorable Kitties: Pop-Pop Kitties features a cast of charming feline characters, each with its own unique personality and style. From playful kittens to wise old cats, players will fall in love with these adorable companions as they accompany them on their bubble-popping adventures.

  2. Colorful Bubble Popping: With its vibrant graphics and intuitive gameplay, Pop-Pop Kitties offers a visually stunning and addictive gaming experience. The colorful bubbles and satisfying popping sounds make each level a joy to play, keeping players engaged and entertained for hours on end.

  3. Challenging Levels: With hundreds of levels to explore and master, Pop-Pop Kitties offers plenty of challenges for players of all skill levels. From relaxing casual gameplay to intense strategic puzzling, there's a level for every mood and play style.

  4. Social Features: Connect with friends and fellow cat lovers from around the world with Pop-Pop Kitties' social features. Share your progress, send gifts, and compete on global leaderboards to see who can achieve the highest scores and become the ultimate bubble-popping champion.

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