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Daniel Anyanwoke developed a word game called Foodle that was inspired by Wordle. The main difference between Foodle and Wordle is that players in Foodle must think of answers that relate to food.

The ideal tool for you if you enjoy food, cooking, dining out, nutrition, and everything else in between is Wordle with Foodle. It can be difficult to create a Wordle about any aspect of food, but it's also a lot of fun and a terrific way to explore ideas you might not have considered previously.

Wordle players can come up with whatever term they like, but coming up with food-related words is considerably more enjoyable!

Foodle steps in at this point. It's still a word game, but this time you have to think of solutions that have to do with food rather than just any word. It's equally as difficult as Wordle, but so much more enjoyable.

Wordle is a fantastic mind-testing game. Foodle elevates Wordle by producing responses that are entirely centered around food. How many responses can you think of that involve food? With the help of Foodle, you may test your understanding of food terminology.

If you adore word games, you'll appreciate this new take on a classic. Let's begin our free Foodle game right now!

Playing Foodle: Instructions for Playing

Similar to Wordle, Foodle players start the game by inputting a five-letter word of their choice. The word must, of course, be connected to food in some way in order to be acceptable. As a place to start, consider words like salad, sauce, and berry.

If you anticipate a five-letter food-related term, you can also ask that it be added to the game's existing word list.

Players will then have six chances to correctly guess the Foodle daily word after that. A fresh Foodle response is posted each day.

How to play Foodle

 Use mouse.

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