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Today, social media sites and websites frequently feature the game Wordle. It's a straightforward word game with lines of words.

You will be given six lines to fill with words in order to guess the day's correct word; if you enter a word and watch it turn green, you are correct. When a word changes color to yellow, it also appears in the guessable word but in the incorrect position.

The crosswords' color gradually changes after each guess to show you how close you are to the word.

This game is comparable to the game where you have to eliminate numbers from the list of options in order to get the solution. The only difference is that in the restriction of terms with only five letters, you have to eliminate the letters.

The brightly colored blocks serve as both a reference for how many times a player has attempted to solve the game and a map of their predictions. As a result of the solved Wordle puzzles, the remaining number is up to hundreds.

If you correctly predicted in the first row or in turns two and three, congratulations. You can show off your intelligence by sharing with your friends and followers.

How to play Wordle

Using Mouse

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