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The Hurdle daily word game was created based on the Wordle game. The game is quite basic. You have to accurately guess a word eight times in a row. If you are successful, the game will display your time, the fact that you have figured it out, and what you are attempting. The choice to post it on social media is then available. Tell your friends about it! But that does seem simple! However, the game is made more difficult by the time constraints and requirement to only insert words that are already in the dictionary. You'll discover the best explanation for why this online game has become so well-liked if you give it a try.

 The Hurdle Game: What Is It?

This simple hobby has become popular due to its simplicity of use and the fact that each person only has eight daily efforts to accomplish the assignment.

To figure out the secret word, you have eight tries. And in every attempt, an appropriate five-letter word must be employed.

The text will change each time you click the word, and the letters' colors will change to show this.

The green box displays the appropriate number of characters in the appropriate location.

The yellow box represents the number of correct characters that are misplaced.

There can be letter reoccurrences. No letter is related to the hints in any way. You can attempt to solve a brand-new puzzle every day!

Each five-letter word you enter will display a list of the letters that make up the word. If the letter is present but not in the proper location, it will change yellow; if it is present but in the incorrect location, it will turn green.

How to play hurdle

Use mouse

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