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Fruit Doctor

Introducing Fruit Doctor

Enter the vibrant world of Fruit Doctor, where juicy fruits await your healing touch! Developed by Healthify Studios, Fruit Doctor isn't just a game—it's a deliciously entertaining way to learn about healthy eating habits. Join us as we peel back the layers of this fruity adventure and discover how it's making nutrition fun for players of all ages.

Gameplay Overview:

In Fruit Doctor, players step into the shoes of a skilled fruit surgeon tasked with rescuing a variety of fruits from their ailments. Using intuitive touch controls, players slice, dice, and remove the obstacles afflicting the fruits, all while racing against the clock. From slicing away bruises to removing seeds and peels, every move brings the fruits one step closer to recovery.

But it's not just about slicing and dicing—players must also make strategic decisions to prioritize which fruits to treat first based on their condition and the severity of their ailments. As players progress through the game, they'll encounter new fruits, more challenging conditions, and even special power-ups to aid them in their fruity endeavors.


  1. Educational Content: Fruit Doctor isn't just about fun—it's also about teaching players the importance of healthy eating habits. Through engaging gameplay and informative tips, players learn about the nutritional benefits of different fruits and the role they play in maintaining a balanced diet.

  2. Colorful Graphics: With its vibrant graphics and charming animations, Fruit Doctor offers a feast for the eyes as players slice and dice their way through a variety of fruity challenges. From crisp apples to plump oranges, each fruit is rendered in mouth-watering detail that's sure to leave players hungry for more.

  3. Progressive Difficulty: Fruit Doctor offers a gradual increase in difficulty, allowing players to start off with simple procedures and gradually work their way up to more complex surgeries. This ensures that players of all skill levels can enjoy the game while still being challenged to improve their slicing skills.

  4. Healthy Rewards: As players successfully treat fruits and advance through the game, they're rewarded with points, achievements, and even virtual fruit baskets filled with tasty treats. These rewards not only serve as motivation to keep playing but also reinforce the game's message of promoting healthy eating habits.

How to play Fruit Doctor

Using mouse

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