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“Hey, my name is Rob and I’m a scrabble player. What’s yours?” That was the question we all love to hear at the start of a round of word games. The answer always depends on who you are playing with – some people want to be known as a scrabble player, while others prefer to be called a buddy or a buddy groupie because it makes them sound more exciting than online gamers. Either way, finding friends to play word games with is easy – just ask people what kind of game they like, and you have friends for life! But what if you can’t find anyone to play word games with? Or maybe you’re feeling lonely but you don’t really mind being the only one at home playing board games or cards? If so, read on to discover more about those types of word games and how they can help you meet new people while having fun at the same.

Everyone needs friends. It's true, we all like to have fun, and playing together is a lot of fun. However, having friends is also very important. Friends help you through hard times as well as good times. They make you happy and they make you feel like getting together with your friends is a really good idea. Let’s face it, life can get pretty hectic and spread out sometimes, which is why it’s nice to have a few friends to play board games with.

A group of friends is playing a word game online. It’s fun for a couple of hours and then the chatting, laughing, and playing Scrabble starts to get a bit tedious. But what if you could change all that? What if you could invent words that made playing word games so much more enjoyable? What if you could add FRIENDS to your online game???? That’s what this article is all about – 9 words that make playing words with friends so much.

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