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The LA Times Crossword, one of the most widely read newspapers in the world, publishes a crossword puzzle every day called The LA Times Crossword. After Arthur Szekely, the editor of The LA Times made a request, it was first posted on September 29, 1930. Six clues make up The LA Times Crossword, typically published as an advertisement within The LA Times' pages. It is also available as a real puzzle on other websites or applications like iCrossing and Word Lens. Although the name might imply that it is just for residents of Los Angeles, anyone with access to a computer and the Internet are welcome to submit solutions at any time. 

Only those with a paid subscription, however, can submit their own solutions and gain points for each response that is submitted correctly. The average person attempts to complete a crossword puzzle for about 8 minutes each day.

Although crosswords, such as the LA Times Crossword, are famously challenging, they also have a rich history and a ton of unsolved riddles, which attract solvers time and time again. Even if you are unable to complete a crossword on your own, there are several internet tools available to assist you. You may master the skill of hint reading with a little effort and even occasionally relish a difficult problem.

How to play LA Times Crossword

If you’re interested in trying out a crossword puzzle, here are some tips:

Pay attention to the clues to figure out what each word means before looking up the answer.

Make sure you have all the letters of the alphabet written down before starting so that you don’t miss any words.

Try not to make too big of a deal out of finishing a puzzle early or missing a clue - it’s okay if you get stuck on something once in a while!

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