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The seventh season of the dordle racing series finally comes to an end, with a bang as always. The final race will take place on August 29th and 30th in Breda, the Netherlands. There are two main races, one for each continent: Europe and the Americas. Each race will feature a different country’s entry with a dordle of their own choice.

Europe consists of twelve teams, which means there are twelve dordles running in eight separate races, across all four continents. America is more like six separate races, with each continent represented by its most prominent country.

For example, you have Estonia, which only has one dordle but that doesn’t matter because they’ll be racing in Europe anyway so it doesn’t matter if they have only one car or 12! The same goes for Argentina who have three cars but that still doesn’t make them less Argentinian since all car owners in this race are from South

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Using Mouse

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